Jiming Sun


Jiming engaged BIOS development in early 1990’s, was among the first batch of engineers who created and implemented SMI/SMM code for laptops. Jiming created AGESA when he worked for AMD from 2003 to 2007. At AMD, he supported LinuxBIOS for HPC market, and made AMD a successful x86 solution in that space. Coming back to Intel in 2011, Jiming created Intel FSP (Firmware Support Package) to enable the developers of embedded systems to use Intel CPU with RTOS, Open Source firmware, BIOS, and others. As part of the process, successfully convinced Intel UEFI community to transition PEI phase from “minimum initialization” to silicon initialization phase, and use FSP as the foundation. In the process of advancing FSP, Jiming worked with Stefan Reinauer to enable coreboot with Intel FSP. Later on, he co-authored a book, “Embedded Firmware Solutions”, specifically describing how to use coreboot and tianocore with Intel FSP. Jiming have been an advocate for open source firmware solutions for over 15+ years.