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Piotr Król
3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting


Piotr Król is Founder and Embedded Systems Consultant at 3mdeb - the licensed provider of coreboot consulting services. He attained M. Sc. degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunication after graduating from the Gdańsk University of Technology. After working as Storage Controllers Validation Engineer and BIOS Software Engineer in Intel Technology Poland for over 7 years, he created his own consulting business focused on Embedded Firmware (coreboot, UEFI/EDK2/BIOS) and Embedded Linux (Yocto, Linux Device Drivers, Qt/C++/Go/Python applications). He combines his work and passion building firmware that
enables advanced hardware features and follows best security practices. His team maintains PC Engines platforms in coreboot and actively work on and contribute to Open Source Firmware. Feel free to contact Piotr if you have any questions about the related topic.